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Diverse Learning Environments



In the Baby room we focus our activities around the babies interests. We observe the children to find out what their interests are and then plan for each individual childs needs. Our baby room has a calm homely feeling when you enter with our fairy lights and  cosy corner set up for the children to feel like they can make themselves feel at home. Our areas are set up for the children to be able to use their imagination through play and use the resources in the way they feel they should be used. In our Baby room we believe getting outdoors is very important for the children's growth, physical development, risk management, building confidence and lots more! We also believe taking the indoor resources out to the garden is very important so the children can have different experiences  whilst playing with the resources outdoors and we then like  to observe how the children change their play whilst being in a different environment with the resources. 



In our toddler room we follow In the Moment Planning, this is based on us knowing the children and planning in the moment activities based on their interests. We support this with meaningful interactions from staff and a rich environment to move them forward in their development. Our curious learning environment invites children to learn through play. Play is the highest form of learning as the children are the best facilitators of their play meaning they will get the most out of it.

Outside is very important in our toddler room, it is vital to children's development as it is great for our self esteem, risk taking, fresh air, understanding the world, growth, resilience as well as supporting our physical and emotional development. We are outside daily, often have snack outside and spend whole mornings outside.  We make the use of our amazing bell tent which is great for all weathers. 



In the pre-school room we pride ourselves on skilful & high-quality interaction. The children in pre-school are encouraged to be independent and learn the vital foundations for school and beyond. Alongside the other the rooms we also follow in the moment planning, which we work closely with the children to follow their interests which we use to provide high quality and developing activities for the children both inside and out.

Our garden environment is engaging, productive and inviting allowing the children to enjoy the outside area and challenge their abilities. We have an inviting vegetable patch area which we have great enjoyment planning, planting and growing. The children thoroughly enjoy the process and reaping the benefits that the garden has to offer. We also offer weekly yoga sessions by a trained children's yoga instructor

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