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Little Einstein's Day Care Ltd 

Play. Learn. Grow. 


 Babies need time and space to explore so they can be curious learners in charge of their own play. They need to feel secure so they can investigate freely.  We give them opportunities to think for themselves. Our resources are heuristic and 'real life' items, allowing for the maximum exposure for our senses. 


In our toddler room we have a child centred approach with a home from home environment with 'real life' resources. We offer our toddlers a variety of areas to explore and engage with. We aim to engage children in interest based invitations and provide meaningful interactions to move them forward in their development.  We like to spend as much time outside in our well resourced large garden and making use of our  bell tent. 


Pre-school room is a homely environment where we aim to get children ready for school, the children explore and investigate through play using natural resources and 'real life' materials. In pre-school we provide curiosity based invitations to play by having quality and effective indoor and outdoor environments, which allow the children to grow both mentally and physically. 

Weekly Yoga Sessions

We use a trained yoga instructor to carry out weekly yoga sessions with our three+ year old's

Vegetable Patch

We have our very own onsite vegetable patch where we grow our own snacks from tomatoes to runner beans

Local Tradesmen

When we need a tradesmen we choose local tradesmen to support local businesses and reduce on carbon footprint

Small businesses

We use small and local businesses for many of our resources or ingredients. We use Wye Weight in the high street for our snacks.


Our Approach

Here at Little Einstein’s Day Care Ltd, we pride ourselves on the excellent quality of service we provide to children and parents. We believe that parents returning to work should be supported as much as possible and for those parents who need a little help or the odd session of care for their child/ren we want to be here to provide safe, practical and reliable care for families.

We think that children should be encouraged to explore their world/ environment and be listened to and valued. We promote the moral development of the children and encourage a polite well-mannered approach alongside their planned learning.

The nursery itself is becoming eco friendly, We are keen to learn about other ways we can have a positive impact on the environment.  Here are just some of the things we do to be more sustainable.

  • grow our own vegetables, herbs and fruit

  • encourage wildlife in the garden

  • low energy light bulbs

  • rainwater for watering

  • composting and recycling

  • local tradesmen to encourage green miles

  • no baby wipes only biodegradable ones


Hourly Rate







What Parents Think

"Brilliant nursery! Both my children have been there since they were 12 months old.  My daughter (who's now 8) and now my son (aged 4) absolutely love it.  As a parent, it's hard to leave your child when you work, but I know my son is being very well cared for and looked after and that makes it easier. Keep up the good work and Thank you."


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