This months topic has been ‘Farm’

This months topic has been ‘Farm’ the children have been so busy with lots of farm-related activities, crafts and circle time discussions.

Our pre-schoolers have been herding pigs around the garden, making junk model tractors, building a cardboard farmyard, using their hand-eye coordination skills to throw ‘food’ to the ‘pig’ using bean bags and a cutout pig. Our pre-schoolers have been super busy, with lots more activities. Were even arranging our trip to the farm 

Our toddlers have been doing lots of potato printing, making cow masks, making yummy farm animal biscuits, and visiting the library.

Babies have also been taking part in the fun and have enjoyed listening to farm animal sounds and identifying them. playing with their new farm set, taking part in messy play activities including cleaning the mucky farm animals in soapy water.